Photo Treasure Hunt

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~150 USD

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PhotoConcierge announces its photo treasure hunt titled “Namma Chennai” for photographers using cameras and mobile phones. As the title rightly describes, the photographers will be given a set of clues, which they have to decipher and act accordingly. Procedure for participating in the Photo Treasure Hunt titled "Namma Chennai" is as follows:

  • Go to and register yourself. Upload few photographs from your imagery collection so that we know you are a photographer.

  • Mail us to with a link to your PhotoConcierge profile page (URL) and let us know that you are interested in participating in the photo treasure hunt.

  • We will send you your clue set by mail and you are ready to go.

  • Participants are required to submit their entries before 18:00 Hrs on February 29, 2015.

Please read the Terms & Conditions for this Contest

Art Direction

Enjoy your days photographing for the photo hunt. Get as creative as you can with your set of clues.


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