A Coffee Table book on Soul of India! (Half Page Photo)

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Pictures for a Coffee Table Book on India (Book Size 308x245mm) showcasing our multifaceted country across it length and breadth.
1. The monumental history of India and its geography which knows no boundaries.
2. The ever so colourful festivals of India. From festivals celebrated throughout India like diwali, holi to that of northeast festivals like Losar, hornbill, bihu. Celebrations of onam, pongal kerala temple festival, ganesha chaurthi, to rakhi, sindur khela, ram leela and many more. Capturing the chaos, colors, the pandals, idols and love.
3. The soulful food of India and special food cooked on occasions and festivals. Regional food of the north, south, east and west India.
4. The marvellous religious architecture of India. From shikharas and gopurams of temples to the domes of mosques and gurdwaras. From the chortens of Buddhist shrines to mukhautas and goors of Himalayan temples. From synagogues to churches and various other places of worship.
5. The endemic flora and fauna of our country. Communities like Bishnoi living harmoniously with nature and the striking interaction of humans with wildlife.
6. The grand secular architecture from forts, palaces, havelis, baolis, kos minars, chor minars, prisons, zamindar baris to the mirrored rooms, jharokhas, zenanas, jaalis, stucco paintings, houseboats, portuguese villas of Goa etc.

Art Direction

Number of photographs: 200
Photo Type: Hi-res photos, colored/black &white;.
Image Size: Half page photo corresponding to book size 308x245mm.
Orientation: Any - portrait/landscape accepted
Usage: Print - on Single or double spreads


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