Raja Rani Flower - Pentanema indicum - Sonkadi

Sonkadi is an erect annual herb, 1-3 ft tall. Stems are branched in the upper part. Branches are cylindrical and leafy. Alternately arranged, oblong-lancelike leaves are stalkless, 3-8 cm long, and hairy. The leaves have rounded "ears" at the base. Yellow flower-heads, 1-2 cm across, occur singly on slender stalks. Ray flowers are 12-24, narrow, 3-toothed at the tip. Disc flowers are yellow. This flower can be easily distinguished from Sonsari by the number of "petals" (ray flowers) in the two.

Raja Rani Flower - Pentanema indicum - Sonkadi
Robbie Ross
Robbie Ross
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